Reward / Shop

- added Alpha + Parados to Reward Vault

- added new Items to /shop

Patch v08.1219


- Added Parados Saddle to Boss Arenas

- new InGame Button + Commands: /vote

  ( Vote Button in Discord per Steam UI or Discord, )

Patch v01.1219


- Parados armor needs fewer souls

- Wild Mishell has more resis

- The s + auto crafter can now be built

- The cost and level for the s + auto crafter have been raised (required level 450)

- Increased S+ Auto crafter Slots to 20

- The vanila replicator can now be built

- The costs for the s + replicator have been raised and normal replicators will now be needed to create it


- added Kentro Kibble, 10Arc for Reward vault

Event Map- food drain + water drain deactivated

Patch v27.1119


- Increased Tamed Mek Damage + Resi


Patch v20.1019


- The alpha have been tested and now drop the tribute

- Structure increased to 15k


Patch v11.1019


- Increased Tamed Alpha Dino damage + resis

- Increased Tamed ZomDodo damage

- Doubles Hybrid damage

- Increased the Itemquality of all Bosses in Arenas

- a bug was fixed in which Bosses only dropped Hybrid BPs


- Reduced spawns from 200 to 50


Patch v11.0919


- Added improved Hybrid Saddles to Boss Arenas + Blueprint chance
- Bosses have more itemsets


Patch v11.0419


- Increased clipsize and shot rate of AA Ammo

- Parados Wild Boss Mishell resis / damage is lower

- Decreased Phantom resis


- Parados Super Pick + Hatchet costs are lower


- Experimental test to optimize harvest for dinos


Patch v11.0319


- Fixed Awesome Ammo Damage (scales now with player and weapon damage)

- Increased Player Damage

- Increased Damage / Resis of Tamed Vanilla Dinos- Increased Kitsune + Kurashi Damage

- Decreased Wild Parados Phantom + Boss Resis


Patch v11.0219


- Increased Awesome Ammo Damage

- Increased Tamed Wicked Spino, Rex Damage

- Increased Tamed Hybrid Resis


Patch v11.0119


- Added Awesome Ammo

- Removed Force of Nature

- Added LootSets to Overseer in Arena

- Added new improved Parados Saddles to Boss Arenas

- Shields and Generators can now be placed on platforms and rafts

- Turrets can now activated on platforms

- Gender Assign is now allowed on S+ Mutator

Patch v10.2919


- NPCs starts now friendly

Patch v10.1319


- Increased Tamed Zomdodo Damage

- Fixed some Tamed Parados Dino Damage

- Added new improved Parados Saddles to Boss Arenas


- Increased Dino Harvest

Patch v9.3019


- Increased Structure / Dino decay

  • Thatch - 6 days
  • Wood - 12 days
  • Greenhouse - 12 days
  • Stone - 18 days
  • Metal - 24 days
  • Tek - 30 days
  • Dinos 14 Days

- Udis, God of Mountains spawns randomly on ever Map

- the game ini will now be centrally transferred to server to avoid minor errors

- lesser dino-resistance on tamed dinos to demand the use of the improved saddle

Patch v9.2819


- Added over 50 Tameable New Alphas (removed old Alphas) + Creating your Own Boss

- Changing Levelsystem from Lvl 1 to 50

- Dino color event ending

- Changes on Reward Vault (removed Boss Packs)

Patch v9.2219

Boss Arena
 - Bosses drop more improved parados saddle


- MaxStructures increased to 4500

Patch v9.1419

 - Wild Dinos have less Damage and less Resistance

Patch v9.1319

 - Improved Parados saddle in arenas 100%

- +1 more Itemsets from Bosses

- Structures on platform saddles increased to 500


- Dino color event started